FaiLanna - Natural soft woollen Tees & Longsleeve Shirts


Very nice T-Shirts and Longsleeve Shirts made of soft chunky cotton fabric. The shirts are plain, no printings, no paintings, colors are modest and natural. The fabric is very comfortable, nice and cozy!

This is no factory product, these shirts are designed and hand-tailored by women of a village in Morthern Thailand! So sizes might differ a bit from shirt to shirt and might not match European or American standard sizes. We strive to provide the relevant dimensions on every product page as precise as possible.

The name Failanna consists of Fai=cotton and Lanna=land of a million ricefields (Laan=1 million, Naa=ricefield) goes back to the Kingdom Lannathai, which has existed since the 13th century, and whose center is today’s metropolis Chiang Mai.

FaiLanna - Natural soft woollen Shirts - Colors

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