Shipping & Delivery

For information about shipping methods and availability per country, please go to: Shipping Costs / Shipping Methods


1. We do pack all our goods neatly and carefully.

2. We use plastic bags which we seal with adhesive tape so the goods can not get wet, moldy or dirty. Depending on size and weight, we might use 2 plastic bags. If you wish, for economical or environmental reasons, we can refrain from doing so, please just leave a note during the order-process or send an email to

3. In order to keep the total weight (shipping costs) low we use soft paper envelopes or plastic bag envelopes instead of cardboard boxes if the packages are not too big or heavy. If you wish otherwise, please send us a note within the order or send an email to (In our experience soft paper and plastic bag parcels also often pass customs faster or easier than hard cardboard boxes – probably easier to check / feel the content without opening.)

4. A Customs Declaration (according to the chosen shipping method) will be filled out and attached outside of the parcel. If you wish, we can also attach an extra invoice outside on the parcel (as some countries’ Customs might ask for that), please let us know:

5. For orders over 2 kg you might be able to save money by splitting your order and use the cheaper “ePacket Air” shipping method, which is limited to 2 kg. If you are uncertain and need help with the calculations, please contact us:

6. Please be aware of your country’s free import limitations!

Shipping costs

1. All our product prices do NOT yet include any shipping costs.

In the shopping cart (or during checkout) you can choose a shipping method after selecting your destination country.

The available shipping methods including shipping costs and total end prices will be indicated immediately. (No need to fill in any form or give further personal information.)

If you believe that the shipping costs are incorrect or if you know of a better (less expensive or faster) way of shipping to your country, please let us know!

2. Since Covid-19 there are still countries we can not yet deliver to. If no shipping methods are shown for your country, please contact us: – we gladly double-check – Thailand Post is making updates or minor changes nearly every 1-6 months…

3. Depending on national regulations of the destination country, further import charges may occur (e.g. customs duty). We don’t take responsibility for those charges. The import of goods lies within the responsibility of the recipient.

Shipping / delivery

1. Regardless of the shipping method, we only send registered (certified) mail. We provide our customers with the registration / shipping code and other relevant information. Should you not receive any such mail from us, please check your spam! The registration number (with barcode) enables you to track your parcel. The tracking is limited though to Thailand and the destination country when the parcels are being processed, not during the travel (on route) of the shipments. Therefore there can be a gap in the tracking timeline depending on how long a parcel is “on route” (traveling) or if the destination country is storing international mail before handling and processing it, as some countries seem to do, especially since Covid-19.

2. The receipt of each registered shipment must be countersigned by the recipient (although this regulation has been softened in some countries due to safety reasons during the Covid-19 pandemic). By registering (bar code) the goods and delivery are insured and therefore an official investigation by the postal company is possible. Similarly, Thailand Post offers a “Track & Trace” (Tracking) of the shipment, although some postal companies (of the destination countries) are rather slow or lazy by updating the data, which Thailand Post is depending on.

3. We strive hard to provide the fastest possible processing and dispatch, usually within 24 hours after the receipt of payment on our PayPal or bank account. In most cases this will be the next workday after the order.

4. On Saturday afternoons, Sundays and national holidays, all official Thailand Post offices are closed.

5. We ship directly from Thailand with Thailand Post (which proved to be exemplarily reliable and with which we have made only good experiences for many years). A delivery usually takes about 2 weeks. This period is however, highly dependent on the national postal company in the recipient country. The mentioned 2 weeks are a guideline, not a guaranteed commitment. We (unfortunately) have no effect or authority on the foreign national postal companies and their processing and the delivery of our/your goods.


1. In most cases there will be no customs charges with shipments of private low value parcels, as the limit for duty-free import is rarely exceeded. But please inform yourself about the customs regulations of your country, since we (the sender) are not responsible for the import in your country.

2. For other import duties, as the import sales tax, there are usually also free limits (FOB), depending on the import laws of the recipient country. Those limits however are often exceeded and charges might apply. Again: the recipient only is responsible for the import of goods.

3. The import regulations and the amount of free allowances (FOB) vary from country to country, please inform yourself about the regulations and provisions in your country. These free limits might well be exceeded, so be aware that import taxes might occur.

4. It is generally established that customs and import in any case be solely the responsibility of the recipient. Possible costs for imports shall be borne by the purchaser / recipient.

We recommend strongly to inform yourself about the import and customs regulations of your country before making an order.

You can always check back with us, to find the best way to ship your goods. So if you wish us to handle customs preparations / fill out the customs declaration in a particular way, please let us know, we gladly follow your advice. Just write an email: