Elephant Shorts Fat Stripes – XL – Blue-Brown

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  • 100 % cotton fabric
  • thin, light, breathable
  • XL (Width:…46cm)
  • 1 pocket

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Elephant Shorts Fat Stripes – XL

Main Colors: Blue, Brown, Black

Thai Elephant Pants, Skirts, DressesThe pattern of these shorts are fat stripes, but they are still called Elephant Pants in general for easier categorizing.

This shorts model is XL, so it should fit most westerners (the male model in the pictures is 1.85m/73inch), but please always check the measurements carefully!

These elephant pants / fat stripes shorts are made from thin 100% cotton fabric with double seams for better resilience. The fabric is very smooth and soft (handwashing is recommended), which makes them so comfortable to wear in warm climate or indoors.

At the waist they have got an elastic waistband all around and additionally a white drawstring to keep them in place. On the right side they have got a pocket.

   Style: Thai Leisure Pants

The style of these pants comes from southeast Asian countries such as Thailand or India and is characterized by its loose fit and made of lightweight and breathable material. They have beautiful elephant patterns (hence the name) or variations like flowers, stripes, etc. and are available in various colors, tints, cuts and sizes.

Elephant pants (also with other motifs or patterns) are unisex and can be worn by men and women alike.


The material of these Thai Elephant Pants / Fat Stripes Shorts is 100% cotton fabric – very light, thin, breathable and super comfortable.

Handwashing is recommended and be aware that the colors may bleed during the first few washes!


Elephant Pants are usually available in only one size (free-size) per model, but the models differ from each other!

So please always check our given dimensions.

       Measurements (approx.):

Elephant Pants Measurements

Length (total):       43-46 cm / 17-18 inch

Length inseam:          10-13 cm / 4-5 inch

Length crotch-waist:  10-35 cm / 12-13.5 inch

Width (comfortable): 30-46 cm / 12-18 inch

Width maxed out:               54 cm  / 21 inch

Width at thighs:             28-30 cm  / 11-12 inch

Slight dimensional deviations may occur!


Elephant Pants are the no. 1 best selling garment in Thailand. Tourists, locals, Asians, Westerners, …

Everywhere you look, you see people, locals and foreigners, wearing these super comfortable and nice looking pants.

Thai Elephant Pants, Skirts, Dresses
The no. 1 seller in Thailand – super comfy leisure pants…


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