Sumo Wrestler & Chewing Gum – white ROCKY T Shirt

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  • available in M, L, XL
  • 100% cotton
  • high quality print
  • wash resistant
  • original ROCKY brand Thailand

Rocky T Shirts Thailand

Sumo Wrestler & Chewing Gum - Rocky T ShirtSumo Wrestler & Chewing Gum

white ROCKY T Shirt

   Motif: Sumo Wrestler & Chewing Gum

The silhouette of a Japanese Sumo wrestler stapping on chewing gum – Before a Sumo fights, it’s a ritual for the two wrestlers to stamp both their feet heavily on the ground to dispell the bad and evil out of the ring. Hilarious Sumo Stamp on a chewing gum or as well: traction! Rocky Shirts – poetic, original, funny!

   Rocky T Shirt:

The shirt is of good Quality and made of 100% cotton, non-chlorine bleach and fit for washing machine (cold). The print-image is durable, not stiff, and of good quality as well.

Rocky T Shirt Size Measurements

Measures (approx.):

Rocky Shirts - Special Order from Catalog

M  – A=20 inch / 51 cm   B=28 inch / 71 cm
L   – A=22 inch / 56 cm   B=30 inch / 76 cm
XL – A=24 inch / 61 cm   B=32 inch / 81 cm

   Please note:

Size labels like S, M, L, XL are but arbitrary assignments.
Please compare the given dimensions according to the picture with a fitting Shirt of your wardrobe.

Rocky Shirts Graphics BKK

We only sell original ROCKY shirts from Thailand!


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